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Teacher assistants, also referred to as paraprofessionals, or instructional assistants, work in the classroom under the direction of the lead teacher. In general, the lead teacher’s job is to teach new material and the teacher assistant reinforces the lessons afterward. Teacher assistants may also help with grading or planning lessons.
Early childhood teachers support learning by providing activities and materials that children find engaging. By facilitating learning, supplying a developmentally appropriate environment, interesting materials, and adequate time to explore, play, and interact, children find learning easy and fun!
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Are you looking for temporary work in the field of early childhood education with the potential for full time employment? If so we can help you with this goal. As a substitute teacher you help potential employers provide quality care to children, and also help them get to know you. Subsequently you increase your experience and chances of full time employment. Substitute teaching is in high demand in childcare centers/programs, and at Maryland Homeschool Solutions, we are looking for passionate and committed people with a genuine interest in guiding young children. We take these passionate team-oriented people and put them in an environment where they can thrive. Experience and education determine how soon you begin. However, if you are in need of training we provide this at a very low cost (that can be paid on a payment plan), and on a self pace basis. If you have the training, or after gaining it, we will place your name in our data base, and refer you for temporary positions as they become available. 

Below are job descriptions for employment opportunities:
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